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March 1, 2022

Refined and elegant wallpaper

Covering the walls with a refined and elegant wallpaper is surely a good choice for a beautiful house! It is easy to make your home fancier if you know how to do it! You will be surprised by

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Wallpaper for the kids’ bedroom

With the right wallpaper, every room of the house can have a magical atmosphere, especially the kids’ bedroom. Fantasy and creativity are key, so use stylized and dreamlike designs, animals, clouds, planets, lines and dots

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Modern wallpaper

Forget about those old patterns you could find in houses from the 60s and the 70s: today wallpaper is more modern than ever! Thanks to new lively and original proposals, this decorative item has become

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Wallpaper in the bedroom

If you’re planning to enrich your bedroom with an original idea, then you should consider applying a wallpaper. In the past decades, tapestry was slowing declining, but today not only it came back in fashion,

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