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Refined artistic wallpaper: Distratta Mente by Chiara Salvatori


We are ready to leave the metaphysical world of Jo Frascali and Teletrasporte to discover the next artistic wallpaper by FillYourHomeWithLove.

With this drop we fly even higher, above the enchanting clouds of Frascali, to take a proper journey into the mind.

After Arte da Parati and Teletrasporte, we are please to unveil the new collection Distratta Mente.

Designed by Chiara Salvatori, this prestigious artistic tapestry is one of a kind, and it is thought to bring a spark of fantasy in every room.

Distratta Mente: a fantastic journey into the world of Chiara Salvatori

«Distratta Mente (distractedly) I look, I gaze, but then I get lost and I imagine of being somewhere else. Distractedly I find myself far away. Miles away, centuries away.»

More than a physical journey, the one intended by Chiara Salvatori is a kind of fantasy journey.

Her designs reflect the absent mind of the traveler with the head in the clouds, growing apart from reality through imagination and escapism.

Carta da parati Arcadia dita rosate di Chiara Salvatori
Arcadia Dita Rosate by Chiara Salvatori

Refined wallpapers between mythology and Japanese references

On the tapestries by Chiara Salvatori,

On this artistic papers, mythical landscapes and heavenly glimpses are made impalpable by the soft trait and the desaturated colors of a peacock or a traditional dress.

In the models Arcadia Dita Rosate and Itaca, majestic architectures are here shown as light, as if they were suspended within a magical reflection.

In the first drawing, characterized by different shades of pink, a small temple is surrounded by many plants and flower beds.

Carta da parati Autumn in Japan di Chiara Salvatori
Autumn in Japan by Chiara Salvatori

The same temple is found in Itaca, enclosed by a thriving greenery, and located on the opposite side of a river of another building in room.

These clear Greek inspiration is faced by the Japanese atmosphere of Autumn in Japan, with traditional building and female figures dressed in colorful kimono.

In this model, a vibrant red palette, on the autumn leaves and the traditional dresses of the protagonists.

FillYourHomeWithLoveWallpaper: a capsule collection for many uses

The collection designed by Chiara Salvatori is intended to suit every environment, from the more domestic ones to public spaces.

Her prestigious creations are in fact appropriate for both a living room and a bedroom.

Even the doorway can be enriched with these wallpapers, to give visitors a guaranteed wow factor.

At the same time, this tapestry is ideal also to cover the sophisticated rooms of a hotel or other public spaces.

Not only a dreamy allure is coming from these wallpapers, but also a general sensation of extreme refinement.

Carta da parati Itaca di Chiara Salvatori
Itaca by Chiara Salvatori
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