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Designer wallpaper by FillYourHomeWithLove: Arte da Parati


Arte da Parati by Sicilian artist Angelo Borgese

We are pleased to unveil the first drop of the new designer wallpaper capsule collection by FillYourHomeWithLove.

The unique models of the precious collections are exclusively made for FillYourHomeWithLove by four talented artists from different backgrounds.

These wallpapers are original and innovative creations, fitting every space, either private homes or commercial venues and business environment.

With this first capsule collection drop, it begins our journey through a new concept of art applied to interior design.

FillYourHomeWithLove unveils Arte da Parati, the exclusive co-lab with Angelo Borgese

The first tapestry collection produced by FYHWL Wallpaper for this capsule is Arte da Parati.

On this project worked Angelo Borgese, a complete and complex Sicilian artist.

The keyword of this collection is “matter”: the artist’s painting comes from the usage of many different materials, but the principal surface is always paper.

Designer wallpaper by FYHWL Arte da Parati
Arte da Parati Collection: Bocca Rossa di Mirtilli

Borgese approaches its work as a craftsman that transforms materials into a tale through his dexterity.

Whether it is of pure cellulose, recycled or wrapping paper or even old wallpaper, Borgese uses every kind of paper, transforming it with scratches, carvings, tears.

Femininity on wallpaper

Arte da parati combines distinctive elements of Sicilian landscapes with the sinuosity of faces and bodies of women conveying absolute femininity.

These new artistic wallpapers introduce Ethos and Pathos in our everyday spaces, origin and irrationality to expose and live in daily life.

Rough sketches of faces and bodies traced in chalk, the women depicted by Angelo Borgese look like absorbed in a distant world.

Female figures are alternated to insects, tree logs and palm branches or other typical elements of Mediterranean flora and fauna.

Delicate shades and soft lines

The palette of Arte da Parati is composed by neutral colors, delicate shades of pink and lilac with sporadic accents in red or black.

Designer wallpaper by FYHWL Arte da Parati
Arte da Parati collection: In testa due rose

The result is an antique effect, with drawings that look sketched out on old papers or scrolls.

Arte da parati to decorate intimate and relaxing spaces

Just as the artist didn’t finish his work, but he was still on it, little thoughts are noted down on the corners or on the drawing itself.

As we said on our design magazine, there are countless possibilities of decorating with wallpaper.

For Arte da Parati, the delicate features and soft colors give to the tapestry a certain calm allure.

This peculiarities make it particularly suitable for the relaxing part of the house.

It’s ideal for the bedroom or the living room, but also for hotels’ rooms with an intimate and cozy atmosphere.

con calma wallpaper
Arte da Parati collection: Con Calma
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