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Floral wallpaper: how to choose the right style for your home


Designing one or more rooms in your home with flowery style wallpaper is a choice of great elegance that will give character and personality to every space.

Doing it right, however, could be more difficult than expected, mostly because within this style there is a whole world of patterns and designs for all tastes.

Let’s explore them together!

Floral wallpaper

If you have a romantic soul and you like soft lines and clean patterns, floral wallpaper is made just for you.

Depending on the size of the walls or the square footage of the whole room, you should ponder these options:

  • Delicate shades and pastel VS Strong and bright colors 
  • Small drawings and micro allover VS Macroscopic designs and big subjects 

If your taste has already instinctively taken you towards one or the other choice, you can easily get an idea of which style to choose, for example:

How to choose floral wallpaper 1
Early Spring

Choosing soft colors and macro designs, this refined wallpaper could encounter your taste, and it will make your space welcoming but not ordinary.

On the contrary, if you prefer a micro allover with intense colors, here’s a cue of style which will make your home unique with a touch of brightness.

How to choose floral wallpaper 2
Japanese garden

Tropical tapestry

Flowers are not your thing and you prefer more exotic textures? Fear not, because the botanic trend in wallpapers provides for a wide range of possibilities to enhance boring empty walls or bland bathrooms with a “jungle” touch.

That’s right, tropical wallpaper could be an unexpected revolution for your bathroom!

This choice suits both private bathroom and public restrooms for trendy bars and clubs.

Even a small bathroom will immediately gain more value and it will look wider.

How to choose floral wallpaper 3
Source: Pinterest


Leaves on paper

The last variant of the floral world is that of leaves wallpaper.

Whether they are fern leaves or big banana trees, these fantasies are often associated with summer: this is a pattern for beachwear, long and light dresses, casual shirts.

How to choose floral wallpaper 4
Banana tree leaves

Choosing a wallpaper with leaves will be like dress your home with freshness, taking nature inside an apartment, even without having a green thumb!

Whichever your taste is, remember to get some help by professionals and make sure to maintain harmony in your house matching fabrics, tapestry, furniture and accessories.


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