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Leaves wallpaper: the botanic trend is an evergreen


The botanic trend, environmental awareness, and in general the rediscovery of green feelings, encouraged nature to retake its space and also to break prominently into design with plants, flowers and leaves.

From automotive to food industry, from fashion to architecture, everyone is giving more and more attention to this aspect.

Whether you are ecologists or not, whether you do your recycling or you love the sound of motors and the smell of gas, you cannot avoid this trend, because today is the dominant one.

Plants and leaves in home decor

In the world of home decor and interior design, many are the chances of using leaves. In particular we are looking at wallpaper, of course.

Even though leaves may seem a poor and monotonous subject, the prospects of usage widen thanks to the different species of plants, size and combinations between them.


eucalyptus wallpaper

Speaking of the leaves in the first image, that’s Eucalyptus and it’s widely used in wallpaper design, especially for the bedroom, right behind the head board.

This pattern recalls a very relaxing mood, but at the same time it simply enhances the room.

wallpaper palm trees
Palm trees

In this second example, palm trees captured from below make up for an interesting point of view, to create a wallpaper pattern with a touch of blue from the sky added to the greenery.

Leaves and cactus wallpaper
Leaves and cactus wallpaper

In the final image, we have a nice depiction of leaves, plants and exotic flora. This wallpaper is ideal either for the most used spaces such as the kitchen or the dining room or the kids’ bedroom.

You can find this wallpaper on our shop.

Last but not lease, we would like you to scroll back to the cover image of this article, one of our best selling wallpaper: banana tree leaves wallpaper.


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