Modern wallpaper


Forget about those old patterns you could find in houses from the 60s and the 70s: today wallpaper is more modern than ever!

Thanks to new lively and original proposals, this decorative item has become in recent years appreciated and beloved from interior design professionals and enthusiasts.

This is mostly because contemporary tapestry can fulfill the most various needs and adapt to every furniture style.

In recent years, specialized brands have developed cutting edge technological solutions to make more and more advanced products.

The rule of thumb is always choosing the style in advance and then decide which wallpaper fits best with the general design.

All of this without overlooking, ça va sans dire, a certain chromatic harmony with the furniture and other decorating items.

Modern wallpaper
Crossroad wallpaper

Use the right materials

A good choice for an original wallpaper is to use unexpected materials.

There are in fact many alternatives with a spectacular visual and tactile feel, like for example eco-friendly paper in natural hay, also called Japanese paper.

Also materials similar to stone, marble or wood or even fabric, stand out thanks to their in-relief surface.

Dare with color and art designs

Rainbows, eclectic combinations and lively shades are among the most modern wallpaper designs.

Particularly appreciated by interior designers, wallpapers recalling art movements like abstractionism, pop art or futurism, without overdoing it, of course, maybe applying it on just one wall of the room, to lighten it up without weigh it down.

3D wallpaper optical illusions

Using a tridimensional wallpaper is an original option, that is gaining more and more popularity.

This solution is particularly suitable for small apartments, or narrow rooms, because the optical illusion helps to widen the space.

3D wallpaper reproduces particular patterns, such as brick walls, natural vegetation galleries and futuristic abstract tunnels.

None of these tapestry is actually in relief, but it’s all a clever optical illusion.

In this regard it is functional to widen up the space using a geometrical pattern wallpaper: vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines can change the perspective of the room.

Landscapes, urban motifs and maps

Modern wallpaper
A map of the world on wallpaper

Natural elements are just one inspiration for modern wallpapers.

Alongside the botanic trend, tropical style, floral composition and natural landscapes, there are more cosmopolitan prints.

And so we can see appearing on the walls some of the most fascinating city skylines, skyscrapers and iconic monuments.

Among current trends there is the world map wallpaper, accurately reproducing te globe, as the ones you can find on the FillYourHomeWithLove e-shop.

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