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Wallpapers literally come in every shape and size: from classic designs to modern ones, soft colors and bright tones, black and white or colored patterns.

Whether it is romantic, strong, surprising or classic, one thing is for sure: a wallpaper enhances the whole furniture and decoration of the room.

There are many types of wallpaper, also designed for the kitchen or to enrich the bathroom and even the shower. Thanks to specific waterproof resins, you can easily replace the classic tiles with an original tapestry also in the shower.

It is surely more hygienic and easy to clean compared to tiles with grout lines.

Choose the wallpaper you like the most for your home, and if you need any help do not hesitate to contact us.

Our designers are always at your disposal.

Wallpaper made by us

Let’s have a look at the most popular trends for this year and the next one.

All the wallpaper you see on FillYourHomeWithLove are made by us.

There are numerous trends in contemporary style:

  • First of all, tropical style, with palms, plane trees, cactus and other exotic plants
  • World maps in different colors and styles
  • Material surfaces such as concrete, marble and bricks

Choose the one you prefer, you will find the most suitable for your home.
If you need to know more about wallpapers, please refer to this article on our design magazine.

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