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Put some flowers on your walls!


We have recently introduced you to the wonderful world of floral wallpapers; in this article we will have a deeper look at the main element of this category: flowers.

Just as there is a myriad of different flower varieties, so it is for flower-inspired wallpaper, giving us almost endless possibilities.

In order not to choose something banal, we suggest to do your research first. Do not rely only on aesthetics, which is surely crucial, but also on the quality of the material you are going to buy.

Wallpapers by FillYourHomeWithLove, for example, are printed with top quality standards. We use only water-based colors, which provide for a safe, clean, sustainable and high-end print.


Put some flowers on your walls!
A Spring Day

By choosing our wallpapers you will literally sleep tight, as the paper you will apply on your bedroom’s walls is ecologic and good for your health.

Since we are talking of breathing good air, let’s get back to flowers to have a look at the different kinds available on sale.

Provence flower

Let’s begin with a classic, the Provence flower, which bring us back to childhood, soft colors and Spring atmospheres.

This kind of flowers is particulary advisable to enrich your children’s bedroom, or to give a romantic touch to a walk-in closet and, why not, for dressing rooms in a boutique.

Usually, for this kind of pattern, there is a wide use of rose, lavender or little flowers from aromatic plants.

Wild flower

Let’s get now to a flower whit a completely different mood, the wild flower.

Put some flowers on your walls!
White and gold Peony

Wild flowers are the ones we can find in a stroll to the countryside or on the hills, from the classic daisies and poppies to primroses and dandelions.

The color mix and sinuous curves they make when caressed by the wind give us a carefree and lighthearted feeling.

Depending on how they are depicted, it is possible to have dense patterns or big images which can cover the whole wall.

Stylized flower

If you like floral decorations, but you prefer to go for a minimal style wallpaper, then stylized flowers are what you’re looking for.

The lightness and delicacy of a thin black line on a white background is an ideal frame for a wall that will perfectly match modern furniture.

It is like an embroidery enriching your walls and making the perfect set for your everyday life.

Put some flowers on your walls!
Nature in black and white


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