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Refined and elegant wallpaper


Covering the walls with a refined and elegant wallpaper is surely a good choice for a beautiful house!

It is easy to make your home fancier if you know how to do it!

You will be surprised by how a tapestry in the right style or precious material is able to enrich a room transforming it into a classy and elegant space.

Whether your furniture is simple or sophisticated, classic or contemporary, to give the room a chic touch you just need to follow some simple rules.

First thing first, it is fundamental that your wallpaper of choice is matching with the color and the style of your furniture.

Secondly, it is important not to exceed with colors, avoiding patterns with three or more shades or different abstract motifs.

Keep it simple, with the various neutral shades of beige, cream, gold, silver and grey, but also more delicate nuances of light blue, green purple and pink.

Beautiful wallpapers for an elegant space

Nowadays specialized brands have a wide range of solutions for every taste.

Besides traditional producers of wallpapers, in recent years high fashion Maisons have made a debut in the world of interior design, with collections aimed at homes.

elegant wallpapers
Gold and white peonies

Wallpapers from these griffes not only present a wide range of refined options, but also offer fashionable designs coming directly from the catwalk.

Wallpapers in precious fabrics and materials

What makes a difference among the various tapestries is surely the tactile feeling.

A wallpaper is elegant not only for the color palette, but also for the materials of which is made.

Precious fabrics like velvet and silk, or peculiar workings, in-relief surfaces details in gold or even glitter or decorating crystals.

All these options, if cleverly combined with the furniture, will give to your home the allure of a modern royal palace.

Damask wallpaper, the trend of the moment

If you like the opulence of Baroque style, damask tapestry is the trend for you!

A rich and majestic pattern, it can be softened and tuned down if necessary, making it more chic with the right matching of softer colors and modern designs.

Also in this case, in-relief surfaces, gold and silver accents and velvet details can make this pattern even more precious.

Elegant wallpapers
Feathers and flowers

The minimal elegance of oriental style wallpaper

Another choice very appreciated by enthusiasts of refined style is the Far East tapestry.

Motifs such as delicate cherry tree branches, orchids or animals like herons and cranes are perfectly recalling this mood.

After all, wallpaper was born in China more than 2000 years ago.


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