Designer wallpaper by FillYourHomeWithLove: Teletrasporte


With this article we are pleased to unveil Teletrasporte the second drop of the capsule collection FillYourHomeWithLove Wallpaper, made by four talented artists.

Moving from the essentially material dimension of Arte da Parati by Angelo Borgese to a world of real landscapes re-imagined in a dreamlike way, here’s the second co-lab of the capsule.

Welcome to the metaphysical world of Teletrasporte by Jo Frascali.

FillYourHomeWithLove presents Teletrasporte by Jo Frascali

Designer Jo Frascali, author of the door logo of FillYourHomeWithLove, takes us into his meta-worlds.

He walks through trascendental thresholds, where places and times permeate and fuse into a new dimension

Marble, clouds, stones, water. Each item is contradicting one another to create a paradox.

Discreet and barely outlined, the doors are put in unconventional settings, for a new vision of unique wallpapers.

astruso astrale
Astruso Astrale

The four colors of Meta Fisico Meta Forico

Dominating the Teletrasporte capsule, clouds are the main item of the model Meta Fisico Meta Forico.

Clouds, that in this design are observed from an unusual point of view.

The viewer is in fact above them, and from there they can see white cumulus towered over by the big door-logo.

This line is available with four different shades for the background, light blue, grey, blue and pink.

metafisico metaforico
Meta Fisico Meta Forico

Fantasy landscapes of Teletrasporte

Also from Jo Frascali’s capsule Mar Mor Mur, a representation of a dreamlike marble quarry.

White marble tones are dominating this design, and the artist has put the door logo on the marble walls.

mar mor mur
Mar Mor Mur

Moreover, Astruso Astrale, represents a night sky with a star shower on a rocky and arid landscape.

Finally, Pluff Plume is a wonderful luminous cave, with long stalactites coming down from the stone walls and mirroring in the lake below.

Again, protagonist of these two last landscapes is the withe FillYourHomeWithLove door, that links together all these magical abstract universes.

pluff plume
Pluff Plume

Jo Frascali debut in the world of tapestry

Designer Jo Frascali, author of this capsule collection, is specialized in building projects.

Graduated in industrial design at Milan’s IED, the creative ranges from jewelry design to interior design, passing through furniture and exhibition and architecture.

And so, this is his proper debut in the world of tapestry and wallpapers.

His dreamlike vision expressed in this line of wallpapers is ideal to decorate rooms to relax in, such as the bedroom or the living room.

This capsule, designed to give a sense of tranquility and harmony, is also perfect to decorate hotel bedrooms.

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