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The new Capsule Collection by FillYourHomeWithLove


Today marks a new beginning for FillYourHomeWithLove, as it launches it first artistic wallpapers capsule collection.

Whether it is for the intimacy of your own home or to decorate hotels or public spaces, tapestry is undoubtedly a crucial element of interior design.

From classic patterns to the most inspired fantasies, ranging between soft nuances and bright colors, FillYourHomeWithLove wallpapers are suitable for every taste.

And today we are pleased to unveil a brand new Capsule Collection of designer wallpapers, made exclusively for FillYourHomeWithLove by four artists.

Unique and prestigious creations, for original spaces rich of personality.

The first drop of the capsule collection is Arte da parati by Angelo Borgese

For its firs drop of the new designer wallpaper collection FillYourHomeWithLove made Arte da parati, the exclusive collection created in collaboration with Angelo Borgese.

A complete and complex artist from Sicily, Borgese approaches its work as a craftsman that transforms materials into a tale through his dexterity.

Tra le palme” wallpaper by Angelo Borgese

Our journey starts here, from works of art beyond time, expressing materiality and passion.

Arte da parati combines distinctive elements of Sicilian landscapes with the sinuosity of faces and bodies of women conveying absolute femininity.

These new artistic wallpapers introduce Ethos and Pathos in our everyday spaces, origin and irrationality to expose and live in daily life.

Teletrasporte, the brand new collection by Jo Frascali

Moving from an essentially material dimension to a metaphysical world of real landscapes re-imagined in a dreamlike way, here’s the second co-lab of the capsule.

Designer Jo Frascali, author of the door logo of FillYourHomeWithLove, takes us into his meta-worlds.

He walks through trascendental thresholds, where places and times permeate and fuse into a new dimension.

Artistic Wallpaper
Pluff Plume wallpaper by Jo Frascali

For Frascali, specialized in building projects, especially facades, Teletrasporte is a proper debut in the world of tapestry.

In his collection, items like marble, clouds, rocks and water counterpose to create a paradox.

This is how the designer imagines the universe of FillYourHomeWithLove.

Distratta mente: a fantastic journey into the world of Chiara Salvatori


Carte da parati artistiche: la nuova capsule di Fillyourhomewithlove
Autumn in Japan wallpaper by Chiara Salvatori

«Distratta Mente (distractedly) I look, I gaze, but then I get lost and I imagine of being somewhere else. Distractedly I find myself far away. Miles away, centuries away.»

More than a physical journey, the one intended by Chiara Salvatori is a kind of fantasy journey.

Her designs reflect the absent mind of the traveler with the head in the clouds, growing apart from reality through imagination and escapism.

On this artistic papers, mythical landscapes and heavenly glimpses are made impalpable by the soft trait and the desaturated colors of a peacock or a traditional dress.

Majestic architectures are here shown as light, as if they were suspended within a magical reflection.

The pragmatism of Luca Ricca in the artistic wallpapers Il-logico

Il-logico is the arrival point of FillYourHomeWithLove journey through everchanging worlds.

For the fourth and last drop of the capsule collection, graphic designer Luca Ricca leads us through works apparently illogical, but intended to create a perfect balance.

Geometrical shapes compose new and contemporary patterns, made of material layers and surfaces juxtapositions.

Artistic wallpapers
Arte libera wallpaper by Luca Ricca

The minimal inspiration alternates stinging shards to soft shadows to create this collection of artisti wallpapers.

These, like hypnotizing images, unveil to the viewers what lies deep in their mind.



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