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The wallpapers of the stars


Celebrities are always in line with trends and fashion, and as wallpapers are becoming more and more popular, it is very likely to find pictures of Vips in front of a wallpaper.

We have selected a few examples of how wallpapers are the perfect background for a social media post or a red carpet shoot.

Top models and wallpapers

Let’s start with the glamorous world of high fashion: top models are naturally at ease in photographic sets. There has been a recent rediscovery of classic style and wallpapers are adorning the walls of these sets.

Bella Hadid Wallpaper
Supermodel Bella Hadid and a floral wallpaper


Not only the sets, but also top models’ houses are getting dressed with wallpaper.

Cara Delevigne recently gave us a look of her house on the magazine Architectural Digest, and we spotted a flower and bird pattern wallpaper behind the British model and actress.

Cara Delevigne Wallpaper 3
Cara Delevigne’s house sports a natural pattern wallpaper


Wallpaper for Vip children’s bedrooms

Celebrities often share moments of their private lives on social networks, posing with their kids or having fun with them in their bedroom.

It’s not rare that these bedroom are decorated with floral or animal pattern wallpaper, like the one that John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen have chosen for their son Miles.

John Legend Wallpaper
Grammy Award winner John Legend and his son Miles

Posting it right

Especially when they are posting on social networks, models and actors know how to strike a pose.

Choosing the right background is part of the job.

If you are promoting a movie set in the jungle like Dora and the lost city of gold you must pay attention not only to how you dress but also to what’s behind you.

In this case, the star of Desperate Housewives Eva Longoria opted for a yellow top and a banana tree leaves wallpaper.

Eva Longoria wallpaper
Eva Longoria posing in front of a banana tree wallpaper


A wallpaper can have many uses. It can boost your movie sales as well as it can enrich your private home.

No matter if you are a celebrity or not, wallpapers are always a classy and elegant choice.

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