Wallpaper for the kids’ bedroom


With the right wallpaper, every room of the house can have a magical atmosphere, especially the kids’ bedroom.

Fantasy and creativity are key, so use stylized and dreamlike designs, animals, clouds, planets, lines and dots patterns, fairy tales characters, trains, hot air balloons, dolls, and everything that can stimulate your children’s imagination.

Either on one wall or on all of them, wallpaper is suitable even for smaller rooms.

To make them look larger, just balance essential designs with light shades or pastels.

Why choose wallpaper for the kids’ bedroom?

Apart from bringing to life whatever fantasy you can imagine, applying wallpaper to a children’s bedroom is one of the simplest, cheapest and most effective solutions you can choose.

One of the many convenient aspects is that many wallpapers are washable, especially if your kids are budding artists with the tendency of drawing on the walls.

This kind of tapestry will allow you to easily remove scratches with a wet sponge or a bit of soap, without affecting the room’s walls whatsoever.

Kids wallpaper
Dancing camels wallpaper

Adhesive wallpaper

This kind of wallpaper is particularly suitable for newborns and little kids, as it doesn’t require glue and it’s less expensive than traditional wallpaper.

Thanks to its special self-sticking film, this tapestry can be easily applied on the wall without the help of a professional, in total autonomy, saving time and money.

Most importantly, adhesive wallpaper are very easy to remove without leaving trace or damaging the walls.

Choosing this solution will be particularly rewarding in the long term, when your children will grow up and change their taste: in this way, without turning the room upside-down, you could effortlessly replace it with a new one more in line with the children’s age,

Wallpaper for a newborn’s bedroom

If you are expecting a baby and you are designing the nursery, one of the most popular options is to decorate with tapestry the wall behind the changing table.

Carte da parati per la cameretta
Circus Mix

We suggest to go for a water-proof washable wallpaper, so that you don’t have to worry about it when you change your baby after the bath.

World map wallpaper: a good way to discover and learn

“Having fun in learning” has always been the rule of pedagogy.

Now it’s very easy to put it into practice thanks to one of the most popular contemporary trends.

For the bedroom of little explorers and budding travelers, the world map wallpaper is ideal!

You can find it on the FillYourHomeWithLove e-shop together with many other designs specifically aimed at children.


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