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Wallpaper in the bedroom


If you’re planning to enrich your bedroom with an original idea, then you should consider applying a wallpaper.

In the past decades, tapestry was slowing declining, but today not only it came back in fashion, it is also on the rise thanks to the countless designs available.

Avoiding expensive renovations, especially if the room is already furnished, a wallpaper of the right style is often capable to give a brand new character to the bedroom.

Let’s have a look at the most sought for solutions to decorate the bedroom with wallpapers.

Relaxing wallpaper for the bedroom

Being the bedroom an intimated space devoted to rest, it is common to choose a style than can create a relaxing atmosphere, for both mind and body.

That’s why bedroom wallpapers are often painted in relaxing nuances, choosing pastel shades or soft colors.

bedroom wallpaper
Pastel world map

Among the most relaxing colors for the bedroom the most popular are grey, beige and cream.

Green and light blue are also very pleasant, and so are lavender and of course the classic white.

And so, a tapestry in this color palette is surely recommended to give a relaxing allure to the bedroom.

Modern bedroom wallpaper

For some years wallpapers have been associated to something belonging exclusively to the 60s and the 70s, but today they have regained appeal thanks to the modern patterns created by designers.

The choice is really extensive and ranges from geometrical motifs to the most romantic patterns, like for instance flowers, until ultra contemporary trends like jungle, damask, or minimalist design.

It will be crucial choosing the right wallpaper for the bedroom having in mind the style of the whole room, in line with the pre-existing furniture and decorations.

Where to put wallpaper in the bedroom

Just as the styles and color combinations, wallpaper applications in the bedroom are numerous.

Covering all the walls with the same tapestry (or even with different matching patterns) is the most traditional way, but certainly not the only one.

It is possible to go for one wall only, or two or even three, excluding those on which there are wardrobes or other tall furniture.

An original idea is to literally frame a portion of wallpaper, instead of applying it to the whole wall, just as you would do with a conventional painting.

Carta da parati in camera da letto4

This can be done with every kind of wallpaper, but it will be mostly effective with those models reproducing art works, landscapes, naturale elements or frescos.

Wallpaper behind the headboard

In many bedrooms the wallpaper is applied behind the headboard, or it’s even replacing it.

By doing so, the attention will be focused on the bed itself and even the most minimal design will become the central point of the room thanks to a deliberated use of contrasts.


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